Jankyn Plummer

aka Jankyn Burgrave


A noble-looking man who has come upon hardship in the last few decades. He is not a master of disguise, but likes to carry himself off as such.


Jankyn and his twin brother Evan were the sons of Lord Anketin Burgrave, an inventor who spent most of his days with his inventions instead of his family. Jankyn’s mother died in childbirth and the children occupied themselves for most of the time.
The tower in the manor’s garden had started to collapse and before scaffolds could be completed, a falling block crushed Evan. From that point on, Jankyn did his best to escape from his father. He did, but saw Anketin wandering the grounds with Evan one day… decades after his death. At that point he realised he had to rescue the ghost of Evan from his father.

The Perishers helped rescue Evan’s ghost, although they had to abandon the hull which held him. They rescued Jankyn who is now heading for a new shore to call his home.

Jankyn Plummer

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