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  • Bij Scull

    A former Crow, Bij is loyal to both the Crows and to his new lord, an ex Bluecoat scientist who has recently had some horrific losses.

  • Lyssa

    A cold and calculating member of The Crows. Lyssa was born into a noble family and educated in the Doskvol Academy. She learnt of the ways of the gangs in Doskvol and became obsessed with joining them. Her idealised image was quickly ruined, her attitude …

  • Bell

    [[:lyssa | Lyssa]]'s loyal second in command, not much is known about Bell. He was found as a youth in a spire of Bellweather Crematorium, sent to an orphanage in Crow's Foot and recruited by [[:roric | Roric]].

  • Roric

    Roric is dead. He was killed by his deputy, Lyssa. She felt the Crows had become weak in allowing the Red Sashes and the Lampblacks an opportunity to thrive in Crow’s Foot, so she stabbed him in while he slept. The bluecoats found his body and disposed …