Tag: government


  • Clerk Street

    The main avenue of the district is lined with imposing governmental structures of all sorts, all tucked behind high iron fences, patrolled by a mix of [[Bluecoats]] on the sidewalks and mounted Imperial cavalry on the grounds, largely ceremonial guards …

  • Ironhook Prison

    A towering metal fortress, where the worst (or most unlucky) criminals are incarcerated. The poorest are forced to work at Dunvil Labor Camp. The most well-connected prisoners manage a comfortable stay, and may even continue to run their criminal …

  • Dunvil Labor Camp

    Poor prisoners who can't afford to bribe the staff at Ironhook spend most of their days toiling at Dunvil Labor Camp, loading precious ores onto barges for the rail station and breaking the larger rocks hauled from the Mire.

  • Gaddoc Rail Station

    A gigantic rail station, the only legitimate way out of Duskvol for most people. The interior of the station has a small marketplace and vast engineering works to keep the trains going.

    Recently the entrance to the station has been destroyed …

  • Lord Governors Stronghold

    The Emperor originally commissioned this stronghold as a garrison for the Imperial Military stationed at North Hook prior to the invasion of Skovlan. It now houses the Lord Governor, their family, and governmental aides as well.

  • Doskvol Academy

    Hailed as one of the finer institutions of learning in the Empire, the school is most well-known as the instructional facility for the leviathan hunter captains and their senior officers. Training cruises for new recruits are conducted year round to …

  • North Hook Lighthouse

    This ancient structure has been converted into an electro-plasmic apparatus capable of providing a navigation beacon for hundreds of miles into the darkness of the void sea around Duskwall.