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  • Silver Market

    A curated open-air emporium overlooking the North Hook channel. Named for its original use as the pimary marketplace for silver traders, it’s now host to luxury goods vendors of all sorts, including rare Iruvian silks, spices from the Dagger …

  • Barrowcleft Market

    This open-air marketplace provides a place for the farms to sell fresh produce and goods made from their crops. Other related vendors have also sprung up here, including brewers and distillers, weavers, dyers, and goat breeders. The tough and close- …

  • Bazaar

    A large but scrappy patch of land covered in several tarps and makeshift metal roofs. The market is made up of temporary stalls, all apart from a fortune teller's booth and a never-open stall which houses [[The Perishers]].

    The …

  • Rooftop Market

    A place where the stranger items from Tycheros can be purchased. Run by Ojak, who claims to be able to smuggle anything out from his home country.