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  • Kellens

    One of the oldest pubs in the city, with a dizzying selection of Skovlander ales and whiskeys. Rich and poor alike rub elbows here to enjoy the traditional food and music with their drinks, though recently, the pub has become the target of masked anti- …

  • The Old Forge Tavern

    An old pub with a large selection of Skovlan ales. It was claimed by Ulf Ironborn as his new headquarters and the landlord was pinned behind the bar with a massive pick at a warning to all who enter. Outside is an exotic tree from the Deathlands, which …

  • The Leaky Bucket

    The classiest tavern in Crow's Foot. The proprieter, Mardin Gull, was a former gang member who retired. There's a fine selection of spirits behind the bar and some wisdom to be had for anyone willing to listen.

  • The Devils Tooth

     A tavern known for its "secret" menu of alchemical concoctions. Adventurous psychonauts may experiement with all manner of mind-altering (or spirit-altering) substances in the relative safety of Mistress Kember's comfortable …