Tag: gang


  • Crows Nest

    An ancient tower from before the cataclysm that has been a ritual sanctum, an astronomer's laboratory, and a Bluecoat watch post—before its current role as the headquarters of the district's chief gang, [[The Crows]].

  • Tangletown

    Hundreds of years ago, one of the massive Leviathan Hunter ships was partially sunk in the river. Since then, it's collected an attendant flotilla of tiny watercraft, all lashed together into a floating neighborhood. Tangletown is considered …

  • Red Sash Sword Academy

    This large mansion has been converted into a training school for the Falling Star style of Iruvian sword play. [[The Red Sashes]], an Iruvian gang who run several luxury drug dens in the district, claim it as their HQ and cover operation for their …

  • Bazaar

    A large but scrappy patch of land covered in several tarps and makeshift metal roofs. The market is made up of temporary stalls, all apart from a fortune teller's booth and a never-open stall which houses [[The Perishers]].

    The …

  • Ulf Ironborn

    A newly-arrived Skovlan ex-miner whose smash and grab operations have put him on the map. His signature has been an axe or pick impaled through the body of a target. He aggressively pushed his way into [[The Old Forge Tarvern]] and was stopped …

  • The Crows

    The Crows once ruled Crow's Foot and brokered peace with [[The Lampblacks]] and [[The Red Sashes]]. 

    The leader of the Crows, Roric, died mysteriously recently. With his passing, the peace in the neighbourhood ended. The Crows still …

  • The Foghounds

    If you want anything smuggled through the north of Duskvol, you come to the Foghounds. Margette Vale works out of a steam ship called The Fog Hound and they consider the Lampblacks their allies.

  • The Billhooks

    The children of Tarvul run this brutal gang while he lives out his days in Ironhook Prison. Erin and Coran are both thugs and find it difficult to get on with anyone, least of all each other. The signature of their attacks are bodies murdered by …

  • The Dimmer Sisters

    No one knows how many Dimmer Sisters there are, only that they are housebound recluses and have managed to master the trade of spirits and spirit essences. No one returns from their manor.

  • The Gray Cloaks

    Ex-Bluecoats who were framed for a crime their commander committed. They now work out of the burnt down husk of their old watch station. They are specifically targeting Lord Strangford, who wanted evidence of his crime gone in the fire.

  • The Grinders

    Vicious former dockworkers, often said to have been mutated by overexposure to the toxic rain which pours on lockport. They smuggle, but are also known for smash and grab missions.

  • The Lampblacks

    The former lamp-lighters guild, they turned to crime after their jobs were replaced by electric lights. They are often seen as lovable rogues by the locals.

    Bazso Baz is their leader, a connoisseur of fine whiskies and a charming man once you …

  • The Red Sashes

    An Iruvian sword-fighting school who are the sons and daughters of Iruvian nobles. They came to Duskvol for opportunity, but it ended up being more underhanded than they originally intended. They still teach people their sword arts during the day, but …

  • The Wraiths

    A masked group of burglars who mainly steal luxury items. Their alliance with the Cabbies makes them able to escape quickly from any heist.

    The true identity of their leader, Slate, is unknown to all but the highest members of the gang.