The Deathlands

Beyond the safety of the electro towers is the Deathlands. It is a wasteland filled with ghosts and remnants of the ruined world.

The Lost District

Formerly a wealthy district in Duskvol, it was abandoned when the borders of the city changed. People found themselves quickly moving home or being consumed by the ghosts when the electro towers were decommissioned.

The Circle of Flame have been looking for the artifacts of Kalos, a being who lived here before the shattering.


Broken Slab Penitentiary

The Bluecoats have recently been removing souls of dead criminals faster than the Soul Wardens can reach them. This has been done via a new ‘ghost extractor’ which has allowed them to not only keep the guilty beyond death, but they could also interrogate them for information against the living.
The Perishers broke into the prison to capture a ghost, however events escalated and the prison was destroyed. Currently thousands of dead criminals have broken free. The barriers from the Deathlands broke apart and the ghosts spilled forth. The underground electro-rail was shut down and sealed before any ghosts could get out… hopefully.

The Deathlands

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